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Blackboard Learn Student F.A.Q.

What is Blackboard Learn?

  • Blackboard Learn is a Learning Management System designed to enhance student-instructor and student-student communication by providing centralized access to classes and class information. Students will be able to log on any time, day or night, and get exactly the same information as the on-campus students (except Saturday mornings from 6-6:30am). If the course provides streamed media, students may watch lectures from the Blackboard Learn course site.

What are Blackboard Learn features?

    For all students and instructors Blackboard Learn is:

  • Centralized and dedicated site for courses, with easy access from the ISU homepage
  • Personalized Blackboard Learn account with course and news listings, calendars and email capability
  • Ability to view the syllabus, lectures notes, class schedules, homework, labs or any other materials in one location
  • Links to streaming media lectures, which may be downloaded (depending on instructor preferences)
  • Tracking and managing capabilities for students, teaching assistants, and presentation groups, with survey and student data collecting capabilities
  • Discussion forums or blogs for interaction between students and/or between students and instructors
  • To learn more about Blackboard Learn features, go to

How do I log into Blackboard Learn?

  • You can log in into Blackboard Learn by accessing it from the Iowa State University homepage at the top left corner. Students use their Net ID (using everything before the and password to log in.

How can I add a course in Blackboard Learn?

  • You cannot add any courses in Blackboard Learn. ELO must do it for you. Please contact us at

How do I submit my assignments/exams?

  • Submission of assignments and exams are up to the instructor. Please check with your instructor first before submitting it. You can submit your assignment by e-mailing it to ELO, faxing to our office at 515-294-6184, e-mailing your instructor, or uploading to Blackboard. When faxing, make sure to write with dark pen so it can be readable. Please include a cover sheet with your name and course. Also please write your name in each page. We have your instructor’s mailbox in our office, and we ask him/her to check it often.

Are lecture videos posted?

  • Lecture videos are posted in Blackboard Learn. Depending on the instructor, a streaming video format may be available. Check Echo Center or individual video links on the Class Meetings page for up-to-date class recordings.
  • WebEx recording links will be available temporarily after each class meeting time, if approved by the instructor to be replaced later by Echo.
  • Classes are available to view live during class time for online students, if approved by the instructor

How will lecture notes be posted?

  • Lecture notes will generally be posted through Cybox . Check the Lecture Notes link or the notes links on the Class Meetings page (if applicable). Most will be delivered in PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format), but depending on the instructor, there may be handwritten notes or digital files such as Word, PowerPoint, or PDF. It usually takes about 12 hours to post. Notes are posted only with instructor permission.

What is the role of ELO in regards to your instructor and Blackboard Learn?

  • We help to deliver class to you using Blackboard Learn and help our instructors create their Blackboard Learn course site. If you have any problems with Blackboard Learn, please contact us at

What are the system requirements for using Blackboard Learn?

How do I configure my web browser for Blackboard Learn?

  • Run the browser test that is available in the bottom left of the Blackboard Learn homepage. When this is complete, make sure to resolve all of the issues that it finds. Also, make sure to enable pop-ups from Blackboard Learn. If you need any further assistance, you may contact us at

Can I test Blackboard Learn before I enroll in a course from ELO at ISU?

  • You can test it by going to the Blackboard Learn login page and running the browser check that is available in the bottom left.