Echo ALP Personal Capture (Windows)

Part 1: Installing Echo 360 and Recording a Video

  1. Log in to with your Net ID.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Windows Download
    Note: On some versions of Windows, Windows SmartScreen may prevent the installation of the personal capture software. Skip to step 4 if you don’t receive this dialog box.

    Click More Info and then Run Anyway

    Note: On some versions of Windows, User Account Control may prevent the installation of the personal capture software
  4. Install the software by following the installation wizard. When installation is finished, open the program
  5. Click on Log In
  6. Log in to the personal capture software with your provided username and password
    Note: Make sure to include at the end of your username
  7. Select what you would like to capture by enabling your audio/video inputs
    • audio is set to record by default. You can capture your computer screen and a webcam as well
    • Click the configure button to change the input source, if you have more than one microphone, webcam, or computer monitor
    • My Recordings takes you to list your previously recorded content
    • Enter a recording Title in the text box at the top of the window
  8. Click Record and create a short test recording (1-2 minutes long) to ensure your audio and video is being appropriately captured. Do NOT skip this step
    • You will see a countdown to start recording. Once it disappears, you may begin
    • if you need to pause the recording or stop it when you are finished, right click the Echo360 icon in the Taskbar and select Pause Recording or Stop Recording
  9. When you are finished, click Stop
  10. Hover over the recording and click on the pen icon to edit your recording
  11. Play the recording back to make sure your audio and video is being captured
    Note: If audio or video are not captured, return to the main screen and check your sources on the left menu
  12. You are ready to complete your recording

Part 2: Editing and Publishing Your Video

  1. To trim out sections of the recording, move the white triangles to select the area and then select Make Cut to remove the area between them. If you are NOT editing, skip to step #3 below.
    Note: If you make a mistake, just click the Clear Cuts button
  2. When you are finished, click Apply Edits. Click OK to confirm your edits and the My Recordings window will open
  3. To publish, hover over your recording and click the box with arrow icon
  4. On the Recordings screen, give the recording a Title and select from the Upload To field a class to upload your recording. Then click Upload
  5. The Recordings window will display the upload status of the recording
  6. once the recording is done uploading to the server, it will say it is Published and the server will finish the publishing process
    Note: Typically, an hour-long recording takes an hour before it is available to be viewed by the students

Please email if you have further questions