Embedding Echo Videos for Admins

Echo videos can be embedded in a Canvas course page, module or website for easy viewing.

  1. Go to https://echo360.org/ and login
  2. After logging in, select CAPTURES in the top menu
  3. In the capture library, select the video to be embedded by narrowing down the SEARCH fields. Select the video to be embedded. The capture viewing pane will appear.
  4. Below the capture viewing pane, click the SHARING tab.
  5. In the Public links section, if a public link has not been generated already, click ADD PUBLIC LINK.
  6. As necessary, configure the options for the link as follows:
    • Active slider: When enabled, clicking the link plays the linked content. If disabled, the link URL itself remains valid but users clicking the link cannot view the content.
    • Delete: Permanently deletes the URL and its relationship with the content. If the URL remains posted publicly, clicking it will return a content not found error, as there is no longer any association between the URL and the content. Future public links to this content will have a different ID number in the URL.
    • Description: Enter a description for the link. This is a useful for identifying the purpose of the link or the location to which it is to be posted.
    • Start at slider: When enabled, allows you to set a ‘starting location’ for the content. Users can view the entirety of the video, but by default the video beings playing at the location you set.
    • Authenticate slider: When enabled, requires users to log in to Echo360 to view the linked content. If users are authenticated through an LMS or SSO system, and the user is already authenticated as an Echo360 user in their browser (for example, the user recently viewed an Echo360 section) the user will be automatically passed through.
  7. Click EMBED to generate embed code.
  8. In the Embed modal that appears, configure the embed link options as follows:
    • Size drop-down: Select the size (height and width) of the embedded video playback. For bandwidth considerations of the viewer, select the smallest size reasonable for the type of content being posted.
    • Autoplay slider: When enabled, the content automatically begins playing when the link is accessed.
    • Automute slider: Only available if Autoplay is enabled; automatically mutes the video only playback. Users can un-mute the content as needed.
    • COPY: When clicked, copies the embed code shown in the text box to your clipboard, for pasting to an appropriate location.
    • Click Cancel to close the Embed modal
  9. When finished, go to your Canvas page to embed the video in the page where you would like it to appear. Be sure to paste the embed code using the HTML editor screen.

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