Faculty Instructions for Online Student Proctoring

ELO will facilitate proctoring for online students.  Proctoring is the process of taking a monitored exam in a public location. Exams can be either paper-and-pencil (written) or created using Canvas.

Online students that live in Ames area are welcome to take paper-and-pencil (written) exams free of charge in the ISU Testing Center in 2352 Gilman, while Canvas exams can be taken in any testing center location. Please note that the ISU Testing Center requires all instructors to allow Ames-area online students to have a three-day window to take the exam (for space allocation reasons). Questions about proctoring can be answered by ELO Student Services or the ISU Testing Center.

The Process

1. Add your course to the testing and proctoring system PRIOR to the start of classes. After the first day of classes, instructors will need to get special permission from Associate Provost Ann Marie Vanderzanden.

  • When setting up your course in the system, many of the initial questions pertain to Canvas; you will need to accept these even if you are using paper-and-pencil written exams
  • (Optional) If you have used ELO proctoring for a course in a previous semester, your preferences can be carried forward.

a. On the Courses: Viewing page, choose Copy to Future Semester.
b. Select the term/session you want to copy to and click submit.

  • Note that it is important to select Allow Off Campus checkbox

2. Inform online students that a proctor is required. Students will fill out the form after locating a suitable proctor. ELO provides wording in the Canvas ELO Template about proctoring details for online students.

Example wording: You are required to have a proctor to take your exams.  It is highly recommended that you start this process as early as possible to ensure that you can locate an approved proctor in time. Carefully review the complete information provided within the Canvas course page. Contact ELO Support or the Testing Center with questions.

  • Distance students must arrange the proctoring and work with individual local proctors/centers on specific charges or fees.
  • Once students have found a suitable proctor, they should submit the proctor approval form. The approved proctor will receive a notification via e-mail when your exam is ready to be downloaded, as well as instructions on taking and returning the exam.

3. Although the ELO Testing Center will assess proctor qualifications, you can verify which students have found a proctor by checking the proctoring system. If proctors are not approved, the ELO Testing Center will send an e-mail to you and the proctor explaining the reason. Students are responsible for follow-up, but you can verify which students have found a proctor by checking the proctoring system and may want to remind them.

4. You can add your exam to the testing system no later than the Wednesday prior to the exam week, or you will need a special release code. Select your course from Courses and select the Add Assessment link. More information about how to fill out your exam details is listed under the Exam section of Steps for Instructors Regarding Exams and Homework.  Per the testing center: Midterm and/or unit exams and quizzes shall not exceed 75 minutes.  Final exams are not to exceed 120 minutes.  See Exam Settings and Timelines for more information.

  • Proctors will receive an email with details on administering the exam.
  • Encourage your online students to have ongoing communication with their proctor and ensure the proctor receives an email from the ISU testing center.
Release Codes: If you create an assessment after the Wednesday prior to the week the exam is released, you will need a release code.  Release codes are not generated automatically but serve to alert testing center staff of changes made to assessments.

  • When you an exam late to the testing system (based on your release date preferences), a release code will be sent to you via email.
  • You will need to enter this code, where specified, in the testing system.

5. You can download and print completed paper-and-pencil exams directly from the proctoring and testing system. When possible, we encourage you to build exams (quizzes) directly within Canvas. Contact ELO Tech with questions.

  • ELO will scan and email graded paper-and-pencil exams back to students, if brought to the ELO office.
  • Afterward, the instructor can retrieve them from the ELO instructor mailboxes.
  • ELO does not keep past exams and homework; we suggest keeping students graded work for at least one following semester