Online Proctoring and Assessment Best Practices

Proctoring allow you to offer high stakes exams at distance locations for online students. We facilitate the proctoring process for online distance students using an online proctoring system. However, distance students will need to work with individual proctors/centers for specific charges or fees.

Why use proctoring?

Proctoring is a great option for online students when you are concerned about high stakes testing and you are concerned about students sharing answers with peers or looking up answers. The ISU Proctoring system can accommodate written exams although online assessment via Canvas is encouraged.

Before you Get Started

  • Review ISU Testing Center requirements
  • Finals must be given during the finals week at times as specified by registrar
  • You cannot assume that online students can take the exam at the time you give it to on-campus students
  • Finals must be given during finals week as dictated by finals schedule
  • Because of allocating resources, instructors must include a span of 3 business days over which to take the test in the testing center for Ames-area online students
  • If you create a quiz within Canvas, it is important to set a time limit
  • The testing center is only open during the week so do not assume support on the weekends (other than during finals)
  • Online students who live on campus must take their exam in the testing center

What are my responsibilities as an instructor?

Can I have my on-campus students (non-online) students take exams in the testing center too?

  • You can have your on-campus students take exams in the ISU Testing Center ONLY if you are delivering an exam in Canvas (cannot be written/paper-and-pencil)
  • Any Ames area online students can actually also take the test in your classroom if you have the space to accommodate them during test time, but cannot be required

What proctoring considerations affect my online students?

  • Cost (there may be associated fees for students who are “true” distance students
  • Allow time for working professionals to students with jobs to take exams in a range of times since they will likely not be available at test time
  • For students with accommodation needs, information is provided on the ISU Testing Center page


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