Screen Recording using an iPad

A few points to keep in mind before you start:

  • Recording using an iPad works well if you do not plan on editing your video on the iPad. There is a glitch in the iOS where sound is lost when importing the screen recording video into the iMovie App.
  • Screen Recordings can easily be uploaded to Canvas Studio by using the Canvas Teacher App.
  • Be sure to check beforehand if the app you are wanting to screen record is compatible.

  1.  Make sure screen recording is enabled on your iPad.


  1.  Open the presentation and/or document you want to screen record over.  Note: for purposes of this example Keynote is being used but you are able to use the screen recording option for most iPad apps.


  1. Start playing the presentation and start the screen recording by swiping down from the upper right hand corner of the iPad and selecting the record button.


  1. Go through your slides as the screen records. If you have an apple pencil annotations will immediately open when you use it.  If you do not have an apple pencil you can access annotation tools by holding your finger down on the screen.


  1. When finished stop the recording by swiping down on the upper right hand corner and selecting the record button. Your screen recording will automatically save to your Photos.  From there you can upload it to Studio using the Canvas Teacher App.