Zoom Video Conferencing


    1. Go to https://iastate.zoom.us/ and click Login. You will be redirected to the Single Sign ON (SSO) page.1-Zoom
    2. Log in using your Netid and Password.2-SSO
    3. Click on Host a Meeting. The desktop application will auto-download.ZoomMeetings_SignIn
    4. Log in with SSO.4-CM_SSO
    5. Enter the SSO URL and click Continue.5-Meeting_URL
    6. You will be directed to the login page.Zoom_Home

Note: Mac users may recieve an error message. Please ignore and continue with sign in.

  1. Click on the Host A Meeting droop-down arrow and select “With Video On” or “With Video Off” to start a meeting.Zoom_HostaMeeting
  2. You can also Host/Join a meeting from the main dialog box. The default tab is Home.ZoomApp_Home
  3. You can:

    • Click on Start without video to start a meeting sharing your”desktop” or “application”
    • Click on Start with video to start a video meeting
    • Click on Schedule to set up a future meeting
    • Click on Join to join a meeting that has already been started
  4. Click Settings on the menu bar.7-Settings
    • Audio: Test, select and adjust your speakers, and microphone
    • Video: Test and select your video source
    • General:  Select additional preferences
    • Recording: Browse/open your stored recordings (all recordings are stored on your local device/computer)
  5. Once you have started or joined a meeting, you can perform the following actions from the menu bar located at the bottom of the meeting window.
  6. You can: