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First Steps

Choose the online course you would like to take from the Engineering-LAS Online Learning website. Once you have identified the course you wish to take, you may register and/or apply using the appropriate method below:

New Non-Degree Seeking Students
New Iowa State University students not already accepted into a degree program.  A $40 non-refundable application fee applies.

Online Application and Registration for New Non-Degree Seeking Students

Existing Iowa State University Students
Students who have or are currently attending Iowa State University.
Online Through AccessPlus

For more detailed information on the application and registration process for online and distance education courses, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s Distance Education site.

After submitting your application and registration, new students will receive a registration confirmation letter via mail containing your University ID number and password to login to AccessPlus.  If you register for courses within 5 days of the beginning of your course, you will receive these letters via email.  Existing students should verify their registration in AccessPlus.

If you wish to have a physical ISU ID card mailed to you, please contact distance@iastate.eduto request it.

Once you receive your ISU Card Number you will be able to set up your Net ID.  Your Net ID is required  to log into our online course portal system, Blackboard Learn, that will have your course’s content.  To setup your Net ID, please visit the Acropolis Website and follow the instructions there.  For more information regarding your Net ID and Acropolis registration, visit the ELO Support page.
An ISU e-mail account is automatically set up when you establish your Net ID.  Your e-mail address will be your Net ID followed by  To check your ISU e-mail account you will need to log into the university’s WebMail System.

Since all official notices from the university (this includes information on billing and grades) will go to your newly created ISU e-mail account, you may wish to forward your ISU e-mail to an account you already use on a regular basis.  Instructions for ISU e-mail forwarding can be found on the ISU Information Technology web site.  You may use the ISU WebMail System if you have no other e-mail or do not wish to forward your ISU account to another e-mail address.

AccessPlus is your secure, personalized online resource for accessing important and confidential university information such as your U-Bill, grade reports, and transcripts. Iowa State no longer mails paper bills or grade reports, so students are required to log into AccessPlus to view this information.
Many students taking courses through ELO are required to select a person to proctor and supervise their exams. An e-mail will be sent to your proctor, who will be responsible for administering and returning the exam to ELO. The student should never have a copy of the completed exam. Students will  receive an e-mail notification when their exam has been released to their proctor.

In order to maintain academic integrity and quality in courses taught by ELO, please do not submit the name of a relative, close friend, or neighbor. Possibilities for proctors include human resources personnel, a librarian, teacher, minister, principal, or school superintendent. Please have your potential proctor use the Proctor Identification form. This must be submitted and approved 3 days before your exam is released. If you wish to use Gilman 2552 for your proctor please stop by the facility a couple days ahead of your scheduled exam, this process to set you up for them to be your proctor may take some time, this will ensure you will be able to take your exam. If at some time your primary proctor is unavailable, please contact the Testing Center Manager, Doug Bull, as soon as possible for more information regarding the process for acquiring a substitute proctor.

On campus students may choose to take their exams in the Testing Center in 2552 Gilman Hall. If you plan to use the ELO Testing Center, you may go to the room once your exam is released. You will not need to inform ELO.

Textbooks for your course can be viewed and purchased at the University Bookstore‘s website. Orders can be placed online or at 1-800-478-0048.  Students are also free to order textbooks online through any source.
View the Computer Requirements on the ELO Support page to ensure your computer meets the requirements to take an online course through ELO.
Students can access Blackboard Learn on the Iowa State University homepage at the top left corner.  You will receive an e-mail notification on how to assess your course in Blackboard Learn, usually the week before classes start.  Blackboard Learn is the online education tool used for our courses.  It is imperative that you have access to this site and be able to use it fully.  To log into Blackboard Learn, students use their Net ID (the first part of their ISU e-mail address). If you are having troubles accessing or using Blackboard Learn please visit the ELO Support siteBlackboard Learn Support site, or contact ELO directly at or 800-854-1675.