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Policies and Procedures

The Graduate College Handbook contains the most up-to-date information on the university policies and programs for ISU graduate students.  All certificate and degree seeking graduate students need to review this handbook.  Policies specific to Engineering-LAS Online Learning students (in addition to those in the handbook) are outlined below.


  • Audit registration means taking a course without receiving formal credit.  The audit policy provisions are as follows:
  • Instructors must approve ALL audits.
  • Students must register for audits by day 10 of the semester.
  • Changes to or from an audit must be made in the first 10 days of the semester.
  • Students are assessed tuition and fees as though they were taking the course for credit.
  • The course DOES NOT count in determining full-time student status.

If you wish to audit a course, please send an e-mail to at the time of your registration so the appropriate paperwork can be completed.


If a student is unable to complete the course work by the end of the term for reasons that the instructor thinks are legitimate, a mark of I (incomplete) may be assigned because a grade has not yet been earned.  If a student wishes to take an incomplete in a course they must first receive instructor permission and then send an email to with the information.  The ELO office will then complete the necessary paperwork and ensure that Blackboard Learn course access remains active until the incomplete is finished.

Dropping a Course

Please send an email to with your name and course number if you wish to drop a course.  The ELO office will notify the Registrar’s office and issue a refund (if applicable) based on the tuition and fees refund guidelines.  Drops are only allowed through a certain point each semester.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the drop deadlines.

Course Cancellations

Live courses (vs. pre-recorded) offered through ELO are required to meet a minimum enrollment to be offered during a given semester.  Decisions about what courses to cancel based on low enrollment are made 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester.  Students affected by any such cancellations will be notifed via e-mail once a decision has been made and will be given the opportunity to select another course for the semester.

Fee Assessment

Tuition/fees and the delivery fee assessments and refunds will be assessed every day the first week of a semester, and it will then switch a cycle of every two weeks. If you need the delivery fee assessed or refunded immediately please e-mail


Exam Policies

Please follow the steps below to get your proctor approved:

1.  Identify a potential proctor.  For information on who may be a proctor, visit:

2.  Have your potential proctor fill out the proctor approval form on our website for each class you are enrolled in listed at the bottom of this message:

Please note:  Your potential proctor must fill out the approval form from the same location the student will be taking the exam.

3.  You and your potential proctor will receive a notice via e-mail when your proctor application has been reviewed.
Students in the Ames area may choose to take their exams in the ELO Testing Center in 2552 Gilman Hall rather than electing to use a proctor.

Rights & Responsibilities

Please refer to the Graduate College Handbook for information on academic misconduct, the academic dishonesty policy, and student grievance procedures.

Course Content and Materials

The course content and materials delivered to students through Blackboard Learn are for use by the individual registered student only.  Course content and materials may not be edited, altered, copied or otherwise distributed without the written consent of the instructor and Engineering-LAS Online Learning.  Students may not share their Blackboard Learn account information with others.  Students are granted access to the materials for the length of the registered semester only and all course materials must be returned or destroyed at the end of the term.