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LAS Degrees and Certificates

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences currently offers the following programs:


Bachelor of Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) is a general studies degree in the liberal arts. It provides the flexibility to choose courses based on interests and goals.  Students complete coursework in three areas of distribution; these areas may be focused in a single discipline or diversified over several disciplines. The BLS degree is also offered with similar requirements by the University of Northern Iowa and University of Iowa, and provides a framework to assemble the educational opportunities locally available. Up to three-fourths of the degree requirements may be transferred from accredited institutions.

To find out more about the BLS visit the program site. For specific information regarding the BLS contact Kathleen Timmons at or (515) 294-4831.


Master of School Mathematics

Iowa State University’s Master of School Mathematics (MSM) is designed for current secondary mathematics teachers. The degree program is built on three objectives:

•    Enhance the teacher’s knowledge of algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics and discrete mathematics
•    Provide effective strategies for creating a student-centered classroom emphasizing problem solving
•    Use of computing technology in learning and teaching mathematics

The course work totals 32 semester credits. Completion of a MSM program will fulfill the master’s degree in an area of endorsements’ requirement listed under the certification rules for a professional teacher’s certificate.  To find out more about the MSM visit the program website. For more specific information regarding the MSM, contact the department at or (515) 294-0393.

Master of Science in Statistics

The Department of Statistics offers courses and the Master of Science in Statistics degree online. The typical load for a student is one course per semester so it takes about five years to finish an MSS degree.  Students who already have an MS in Statistics might take some of our elective courses as part of their continuing education.

To find out more about the MSS please visit the program’s website at For more specific information contact the Statistics Department at or (515) 294-3440.