How to Upload Videos to Vimeo

Videos can be uploaded to Vimeo for online viewing.



Step 1: Login to Vimeo using your user-id and password. Then click on Upload a video tab to upload the video file.
how to upload vimeo1

how to upload vimeo2

Step 2: Once you upload the video, you will be prompted to select a title, add tags, select language and Set the privacy setting to Hide the video from Vimeo.
how to upload vimeo3

Step 3: When the upload is complete, click on Go to video.
how to upload vimeo4

Step 4: To change the settings and basic info, click on Settings.
how to upload vimeo5

Step 5: Click on Basics and add the basic info. Select Save Changes when finished.
  1. Add a Title
  2. Add a Description
  3. Select a Language
  4. Add Tags
  5. Check “All audiences” under Content Rating
  6. Add Thumbnail, optional
  7. Save Changes
    how to upload vimeo6
Step 6: Click on Privacy Tab to edit the security and privacy settings for the video. Select Save Changes when finished.

Recommended settings:

  1. Hide this video from
  2. Yes, enable video review page (link)
  3. Anywhere – Enable people to embed this video on any site
  4. No one – Do not allow anyone to comment on this video
  5. Hit Save Change
    how to upload vimeo7


Embedding Vimeo videos in your Course page

Step 1: Click on the Embed tab and Under Player Preferences change appropriate settings. Select Save Changes when finished.

Recommended settings:

  1. Show embed button
  2. Show scaling button
  3. Show fullscreen button
  4. Show playbar
  5. Default this video to HD when embedded
  6. Hit Save Changes
    how to upload vimeo8
Step 2: In the Embed tab, click on Get Embed Code, copy the code, and paste it to your course page using an HTML editor.
how to upload vimeo9

how to upload vimeo10

Step 3: Next, click on the Advanced tab and select Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives for the Creative Commons License. Remember to Save Changes.
how to upload vimeo11

Step 4: Finally, click on Collections under the Video and check the course portfolio under Portfolios to add the video to its portfolio.
how to upload vimeo12