Adding Closed Captioning to YouTube (Automated)

Subtitles and closed captioning allow for your videos to reach a larger audience. After your video has been processed, you can easily add or edit captioning to your video. Visit this link to view more information on YouTube best practices.



Step 1: In Video Manager, click the Edit button or Return to Editing on the video summary screen.

adding cc youtube1

adding cc youtube2

Step 2: On the Info and Settings screen, click the Subtitles and CC tab in the top right portion of the screen. Select the video language (i.e. English).

adding cc youtube3

On the “Subtitles and CC” page, you will be asked to select a language. Generally, you will select Once you have selected a language, click the “Set Language” button in the bottom right portion of the dialog box.
adding cc youtube4

Step 3: YouTube will attempt to create an automated captioning of your video. Click on the English (Automated) bar to edit your caption text.
adding cc youtube5

Step 4: Click the Edit button to make changes to the subtitles.
adding cc youtube7

Step 5: Adjust the text and timing of the subtitle. Change the time by typing in a new start or end time or by clicking and dragging the time bars below the video. Change text by clicking in the text box.

Note: The start time cannot overlap with the end time of the previous caption, and the end time cannot overlap with the start time of the next caption.
adding cc youtube9

adding cc youtube8

adding cc youtube10

Step 6: After completing modifications, click the Publish button at the bottom of the screen.
adding cc youtube11