Adding Closed Captions in YouTube (with Transcript)

Step 1: Upload your video from your computer to YouTube and choose privacy setting (private recommended).

When the uploading is done, click on the link to play your video, and then click on CC.

Step 2: Set your video language and then click on Set language.
Video Language Selector

Step 3: Click on Add new subtitles or CC and then choose the language you prefer. Next, choose the second option Transcribe and Auto-sync.
Subtitle button in youtube

Step 4: Click Upload a File. You will want a .txt file. This process may take time, don't hesitate to hit the browser refresh button to check on the progress.
Step 5: When the process is finished you should be able to see two types of subtitles as shown below. We recommend you to delete the first one, “English (Automatic)”. If you would like to download your captions, you need to repeat step 2 and chose your published CC (not the automatic one).
the list of subtitles to pick

Step 6: Please remember to go through the subtitle and check the accuracy before publishing. You may need to change some sentences and timing to make sure each segment is not too long or too short.
timed subtitles youtube