Embedding Cybox Files to Canvas

Cybox allows document embedding into Canvas pages for easier access to students.



Step 1: First, change document settings by clicking on Share and selecting People with the Link to allow access to the embedded document.

embedding in cybox 3

embedding in cybox 4

Step 2: Go to the desired folder in CyBox to be shared and click on the three dot icon to display other options. In the drop down menu, select Sharing ->Embed Widget.

embedding in cybox 1

Step 3: Change size of the embed window to Large and copy the Embed Code.

embedding in cybox 2

Step 4: Once the embed code has been copied from CyBox, go to the Canvas course page. Go to the desired page in your Canvas course, click edit in the top menu, then click on the HTML editor. Paste the code in the HTML editor and click Save.

Edit button

Html button