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Echo360 is a Lecture Capture System. The system enables faculty to record audio, course visuals, and optional video for students to review in digital format. ELO uses Echo 360 for live lecture captures.

Echo also includes Echo Universal Capture which allows an instructor to download and install a local version of Echo360 to any computer. ELO can help you to connect Echo Universal capture to  Canvas, so that screen recordings can be published directly to your course page for viewing by students.



More Echo360 documentation:

Universal Capture Overview

Create a Universal Capture

Viewing Student Statistics for Echo Recordings

PowerPoint Ribbon Quick Guide

Linking Lecture Videos to Canvas

Uploading and Publishing Video to Course

Editing Lecture Videos

Embedding Videos (Admin)

Embedding Videos (Instructor)


A great option for instructors who currently have live captured courses with ELO and want something easy and quick to use, which can be easily published and hosted through EchoCenter.
Canvas integrationEasily published and hosted through EchoCenter
Available to all current Engineering/LAS Online instructors through ELO.
Where to get help