Viewing Student Statistics for Echo Recordings

The following instructions can be used to determine which students are watching your recorded lectures.



Step 1: In the left hand navigation panel, under Class Meetings, click on Captured Classroom Content (Lecture Videos and Notes)

link to captured classroom content

Step 2: On the new page, click on Lecture Videos.

link to echo 360 lecture videos

Step 3: On this page, click on the Reports tab.

location of the reports button

Step 4: In the Reports tab, you will see the students’ names, net ID, cumulative views of lectures, which lecture they most recently viewed, and the date they viewed the lecture.

locations of the student information such as last views

Note: The completion metric is not necessarily indicative of a student watching all of a lecture due to the nature of Echo’s completion metric. There may be a few minutes of ‘dead air’ at the end of class that students won’t typically watch and Echo will mark this as not full completion. All, these data will only show students who have watched the recorded lectures through Echo. The students who watched the lecture LIVE will have watched it through WebEx and not through Echo.