QuickTime Screen Recording

QuickTime can be used for screen recording to share with students.



Step 1: In QuickTime Player, click on File and New Screen Recording.

Image of QuicktTime File menu

Step 2: The recording box will appear. You may click on the down arrow to adjust your microphone or click the Record button next to the down arrow to begin recording. Press the Record button again to end the recording.

Image of QuicktTime Screen Recording Box

Step 3: After recording, edit the video by selecting Edit at the top of the page. The recording can be rotated (Flip Horizontal/Vertical) or cut (Trim).

Image of QuicktTime Edit Menu

Step 4: When finished, save the video under File and Save. The video will save as a .MOV file. Click Export to save as a different format.

Image of QuicktTime File Menu