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Blackboard Learn

What is Blackboard Learn?
Blackboard Learn is a user-friendly e-learning tool designed to enhance student-instructor and student-students communication by providing a centralized area to access classes and class information.

For our online students, online course provide a special freedom. Students will be able to log on any time, day or night and get exactly the same information as the on-campus students. If the course is streamed onto the Internet, students may watch lectures at a time most convenient for them by connecting to the stream from the Blackboard Learn course homepage.

Blackboard Learn features for Instructors and Students

  • Centralized and dedicated site for course, with easy access from ISU homepage
  • Personalized Blackboard Learn account with course and news listings, calendars and email capability
  • Ability to post syllabus, lectures notes, class schedule, homework, Labs or anything else in one location
  • Link to Streaming Media Lectures
  • Tracking and managing capabilities of students, TA’s and presentation groups with survey and student data collecting capabilities
  • Multiple, dedicated chat rooms for communication between students, and between instructors and students as well as a live class chat option for students watching the streaming media lectures
  • Manageability and maintenance options

Blackboard Learn Student F.A.Q.

Blackboard Learn Instructor F.A.Q.