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New faculty fellowship highlights the success of online education at Iowa State

acorreiaIowa State University’s Engineering-LAS Online Learning system has named its first faculty fellow — Ana-Paula Correia, an associate professor from the School of Education whose research focuses on learning design. The decision to create the faculty fellowship is in part an effort to publicize the success of online education at Iowa State. Engineering-LAS Online Learning oversees the online education efforts of two colleges – the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering. Online course enrollment in these colleges is growing by 15 to 20 percent each year, aided by an arsenal of talented faculty members instructing the offered courses. Read more about ELO's first faculty fellow, Dr. Ana-Paula Correia.

139 Durham Exam Schedule

The ELO Testing Centers have secured the use of Durham room 139 for specific exams scheduled in Blackboard. Students scheduled to take one of these exams need to do so in room 139 Durham. 139 Durham Schedule, 20-April, 2015 through 24-April, 2015

Course and section(s) Start Date End Date
Music 102 A-B exam 5 16-April-15 21-April-15
MAT E 273 - Exam 3 (A,1-6) 20-April-15 24-April-15

Testing Center Summer Session Schedule

Only Gilman 2552 is open during the Summer Session

Doors unlocked Doors locked[1] Computers shut down[2] and exams must be finished
 Monday 10am 6:30pm 7pm
 Tuesday 10am 6:30pm 7pm
 Wednesday 8am 3:30pm 4pm
 Thursday 8am 3:30pm 4pm
 Friday 10am 3:30pm 4pm
Closed weekends, University holidays and breaks.
[1] Once the doors are locked students will not be allowed into the Testing Center to take exams [2] Once the computers shut down they will not be restarted to allow students to finish exams. Students should allow enough time to complete exams prior to computer shut down.

Information assurance coursework-only master’s program offers flexibility in growing field

Data breaches like the one Target faced this holiday shopping season are a constant concern in the information assurance field. Doug Jacobson, University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center, says cybersecurity is increasingly crucial as more data is stored digitally. Data breaches like the one … Continue reading Information assurance coursework-only master’s program offers flexibility in growing field