Basic Services

ELO Design and Delivery provides the following basic services for credit and professional development courses. For information on advanced services, go to Grant Course Design Services. Basic and Advanced services involve instructors collaborating with ELO designers. Support is limited to technical support if there is no contact or minimal contact with the instructor.

  • Guidance and support developing the pedagogic design of an online and/or blended course. It includes working with instructors to:
    • Clarify course objectives and learning outcomes
    • Align learning outcomes with activities and assessments
    • Provide feedback on assessing student learning
    • Identify technologies that enhance student learning
    • Provide guidance on exam creation and distance student proctoring options
  • Provide information or options for recording and/or hosting videos
  • Provide information on making the course accessible to diverse learners
  • Set up course pages on Canvas and/or Moodle
  • Troubleshoot technical issues in the course
  • Train instructors and/or teaching assistants to manage the day-to-day operations of the course, like
    • Update course pages;
    • Post, manage, and facilitate discussions on the discussion forum;
    • Create and publish quizzes, manage the gradebook and student feedback

Office Location
515-294-4601  |  0142 Howe Hall