Best Practices for Courses Using Live Capture

If your face-to-face content is being delivered to an online asynchronous section, it is important to keep in mind that the needs of your online students may be slightly different than for your on-campus students. Communication and preparation are incredibly important to ensure online student participation.


Homework and exam instructions and submission expectations should be clear and communicated to students

Online students should be given extra time to complete exams (i.e. most online students cannot take an exam at 10:00 on a Tuesday)


Instructors should make clear the preferred method of ongoing communication with online students (email, phone, Canvas discussion boards, Canvas announcements, Skype, etc.)

Student Software

Instructors should provide students access to software to be used in the course (VPN, download, trial version of software, etc.)


Accommodations must be made for online student presentations. Students in asynchronous online courses cannot be expected to provide presentations in person or at the time of class without checking their availability