E-Learning at ELO

ELO Design and Delivery guides and supports instructors to design and develop:

  • Asynchronous online courses. These courses are supported by ELO Design and Development and require
    • A virtual learning management system like Canvas to support learning activities when teachers and learners are separated in time and space. Students are not required to come to campus for lectures, exams, or other activities.
    • Assessments and learning activities occur online facilitated by instructor(s) through discussion boards and cloud-based multimedia technologies.
    • Content includes prerecorded instructional material and assessments
  • Blended courses. These courses are supported by ELO Design and Development for LAS only. They include
  • Self-paced, asynchronous online courses. These courses are supported by ELO Professional Development and include
    • online modules with built-in assessments and feedback
    • minimum instructor facilitation
    • professional development courses/workshops

If you are interested in developing an Asynchronous Online or Blended course, you may apply for an ELO Course Development Grant. See Grant Course Design Services included with the grant funding.

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