Design and Development

The Design and Development unit collaborates with and guides instructors from the Colleges of Engineering (COE) and Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) to design and develop online, asynchronous courses that do not use live lecture capture technology. The unit also develops and supports blended courses for LAS only. Online courses supported by ELO are assessed a delivery fee unless an exception is approved by the college’s associate dean.

Course Development Grants

In addition to basic instructional design services, this unit offers seed funding to create and/or enhance online courses. The funding supports courses that are approved and/or listed in the Iowa State University catalog and comes with full instructional design support from ELO.

Grant Details

  • Open to faculty and staff only
  • Grants are available to: (See Grant Types for further details)
    • Develop new/improve existing online, asynchronous courses (COE and LAS)
    • Develop new/improve existing blended courses (LAS only)
  • Courses to be developed/improved must be approved by the respective college
  • The course development project must follow ISU Expenditure Guidelines
  • Funding includes assistance from the ELO instructional development and graphic design staff
  • Funding does not support developing courses that use lecture capture technology.
  • The instructor and department commit to offering the course at least twice within a two-year period after development.
  • The course must be completely developed and address Quality Matters guidelines for online course design before it is offered.
  • The department, instructor, and ELO sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Please contact if you would like to see a copy.

Grant Priorities

College of Engineering

  • Develop/improve courses for online graduate programs and certificates
  • Leverage online, asynchronous delivery to provide instruction of high-enrollment undergraduate courses
  • Leverage online, asynchronous course development and delivery to support education and broader impact aspects for research grants

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Support undergraduate level courses with high enrollment and/or high enrollment potential
  • Support courses that fulfill requirements for the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) degree program
  • Support courses that fulfill a general education or specific academic major requirement
  • Support courses that explore new ways of using class time more effectively
    (for blended course only)

Grant Deadlines

offered in
Application deadline
 Spring 2020  August 26, 2019
 Summer 2020  January 13, 2020
 Fall 2020  January 13, 2020

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Grant Process

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