Expenditure Guidelines

Online course development grants are offered for two reason. First and foremost, grant funds can be used for the first-time delivery of newly developed distance education courses. Secondly, once a course has been offered, grant funds can be used to enhance the course for future offerings.

Instructors will receive an account number for their course and the funds will be managed at the college level.

Instructors will be given until June 30 of the fiscal year following the awarding of a grant to utilize this funding. At the end of the fiscal year, any remaining funds in the account will be returned to ELO/ College. Instructors may request one six-month extension from the ELO Design & Delivery Director for a valid reason.

All funds must be expended in accordance with university policy. Equipment purchased over $5,000 will be the responsibility of the faculty’s department for inventorying purposes. ELO will request the transfer of the asset tags to that department. If the instructor leaves the University for any reason, any items purchased using grant funding shall be returned to ELO/College prior to departure according to University policy.

Acceptable Use of ELO Grant Funds

  • Course buyout from another course to allow time to develop a new course or enhance an existing one.
  • Honorarium expenses for guest speakers
  • Summer salary & benefits – ELO grant funds may be used for summer salary. The budgeted amount should be based on the number of full weeks the instructor plans to spend in summer on developing the course.
  • Supplies for developing the course,
    •  Computers/tablets
    •  Equipment
    • Reference books/course materials
    • Software
  • Teaching Assistant (TA) – Funds may be used to support a TA during development of the course and/or for the first semester the course is taught online. TAs must provide assistance for the associated course. Funding for TA support beyond the initially awarded grant funding must come from other sources, e.g., departmental funding.
  • Travel – must be associated with the course that is being developed and/or improved.

Please note, ELO grant funds may not be used to augment salary during the academic year

Grant Deadlines

offered in
Application deadline
 Spring 2021  NO GRANTS
 Summer 2021 NO GRANTS
 Fall 2021  TBA


Grant Process

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