Grant Types

ELO offers three types of funding to develop and support online and/or blended courses. These include:

Develop new online courses. A course is considered new if:

  • The course has never been offered online, or more than 50% of the course content needs to be designed, or redesigned when converting an existing online or face-to-face course.
  • Typical tasks to create a new online course include:
    • Aligning learning objectives, outcomes, activities, and assessments.
    • Producing videos (recording and post-production)
    • Converting old videos to new format (e.g., Adobe Presenter videos to mp4)
    • Creating or reformatting course pages (e.g., converting web pages to pages in Canvas)
    • Moving existing course material to a new LMS (Moodle to Canvas or vice versa)
    • Creating new assessments, such as quizzes and assignments
    • Setting up course design evaluations
Develop new blended courses (for LAS only). A course is considered blended (flipped or hybrid) if:
  • At least 50% of the course content is delivered online.
  • Tasks include those listed above for new online courses as well as:
    • Designing in-class and online activities to complement each other.
    • Designing in-class time to be used creatively
    • Designing assessments that align with the blended approach.
Improve existing online/blended courses. A course is considered to be in need of improvement if:
  • Less than 50% of the recorded lectures and/or content needs to be re-recorded or changed.
  • Assessments need to be updated (e.g., updating quizzes and assignments).
  • Graphics need to be updated
If you would like to apply for an ELO grant, please review the grant priorities and apply online.

Grant Deadlines

offered in
Application deadline
 Spring 2021  NO GRANTS
 Summer 2021 NO GRANTS
 Fall 2021  TBA


Grant Process

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