Do you record a live class?

This page contains a number of tips to remember when recording your class live in one of the ELO supported classrooms.

  1. Microphone Positioning:
    • On a blouse or dress, pinch the fabric together if needed to ensure the mic clip is secure.
    • Be aware of the mic, you want to avoid blocking or bumping the mic while you are recording.
    • Turn the microphone pack on by pressing and holding the power button so that the green indicator light appears; alert the student producer if the light is red or if the light is off at any time during the recording.
    • Check the microphone pack’s battery life at the start of your lecture-it should have a minimum of three bars.




  1. During the class:
    • The instructor should avoid pacing or wandering around the capture area.
    • When answering questions from students in the classroom or online, repeat or rephrase the question prior to responding to ensure that all students have heard the question clearly.
    • Seek the participation of distance education online students during the class.
    • Students will not be able to see what you are pointing to on a projector screen or writing on a whiteboard, please use available technology (Wacom, ELMO)
    • Only capture group work on video if students are speaking one at a time. Speak to ELO for assistance with specific activities.



  1. For class notes:
    • Work with the producer to ensure any annotations are posted via Cybox to your Canvas page.
    • If connecting a personal laptop, please be aware that lecture note annotations will not be saved
    • Review best practices for Preparing and Sharing Lecture Video Content.



  1. Ongoing Communication:
    • Post a course schedule to your Canvas page before classes begin
    • Be accessible and respond to student inquiries in a timely manner via email, phone or other well-established communication tools
    • Post a brief announcement regularly to keep distance students informed of all important deadlines
    • Use additional tools such as announcements, discussion boards, online office hours, virtual help sessions, targeted video sessions, etc.



  1. For live distance presentations:
    • Have students/guest presenters contact for a test run at least 2 days prior to presentation
    • Share specific dates and details with ELO, including your student producer
    • To save class time, consider providing the presentations on Canvas instead for example, on a graded discussion board.



  1. Special Requests:
    • Talk to ELO about options for capturing student discussion one month prior to the start of the semester.
    • Contact ELO early (about a week in advance) for special requests that may affect the class recording content/schedule
    • Videos can be played and captured with the exception of proprietary/copyrighted videos.