Live Classroom Lecture Capture Services

ELO Design & Delivery captures on-campus class meetings and delivers recordings to online students. We provide a computer in each room, and equipment to capture instructor audio and video. A student producer will record the class and assist with technology questions/issues.

General support services

  • Faculty consultation and support
    • Request a boilerplate template Canvas course page used for ELO live capture courses
    • Provide information on technology and tools to support online sections
    • Provide information on best practices for teaching in live captured classroom
    • Start of semester room tour to view technology and tools before beginning classes
    • Discuss options and best practices for online assignments, exams and presentations
    • Offer guidance and access to information on student accessibility
    • Troubleshoot technical issues related to Canvas, live capture or educational technology used for online section throughout the semester
  • Online student support
    • Troubleshoot technical issues related to lecture recordings, live web conferencing or the posting of annotated notes
    • Student can submit tickets to
  • Proctoring services
    • ELO will help with administering online proctoring services for online distance and online on-campus students if needed
    • ISU Testing Center will vet online distance proctors for suitability
    • ELO will answer student questions concerning proctoring submitted to

Live classroom lecture capture services

  • Capture on-campus class meetings using Echo 360 technology
    • Post recordings to instuctor’s Canvas course page
    • Recordings available for student viewing within 24 hours of class
    • Schedule pre or post-recordings in the event of instructor illness or other absence
  • Provide web conferencing services via WebEx
    • Support online students join live class meetings
    • Support distance interactions and presentations
  • Post instructor’s annotated notes captured in class to Cybox
    • Instructors can provide notes to student producers prior to class using Cybox or a flash drive or other similar method
    • Student producers will capture and post notes to Canvas through a Cybox folder

Classroom Technology Classroom Technology 

Classroom Technology
 Wacom Pen Tablet, microphone and input-switcher
PDF Annotator Microsoft Office EES Putty Wolfram Mathematica
MatLab MathType6 VLC Skype Visual Studio 2013
If you have a program/application that you need to install, you can either

  • Remote in to your computer or
  • Connect to your laptop, or
  • Check if ELO has had other requests to install the program; if a program is becoming more widely used we may consider adding it to our default installation list

Note: To ensure adequate space on our computers, custom installations must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Additional classroom features and services

  • Access to Echo Personal Capture software to record videos at your convenience
  • Capture content using the ELMO document camera (similar to overhead), such as book pages, hand-written notes, etc.
  • Ability to connect instructor laptop to share content
  • Ability to switch cameras and track movement/show students (depends on classroom)
  • Recordings outside of the classroom, such as labs (limited availability)
  • Adjustable desk height (depends on classroom)


Contact: | 515-294-7470  |  1328 Howe Hall