Live Classroom Delivery

ELO provides recording services to graduate-level online courses that have both an on-campus section and an online section (www). ELO’s assistance includes instructional support services from professional staff with years of experience. Student Session Recorders assist with capture and room technology support.

Courses that are supported by ELO will be contacted prior to the start of the semester by our instructional support team. If you would like to work with ELO instructional support to have your course live recorded or would like assistance with best practices for teaching online, contact ELO Tech ( with questions.

Conditions for Live Capture Support

  • Engineering grad courses must include an on-campus and online section, taught by the same instructor
  • New requests should be submitted through the department to ELO
    • Class recordings must be made available through Canvas
    • Class meetings are recorded using Echo360
    • Web conferencing for students to join live will be available through Webex
    • Captured annotated notes can be posted via Cybox
  • Undergrad Engineering or grad/undergrad LAS courses require special approval from Sriram Sundararajan from the College of Engineering; Arne Hallam and/or Amy Slagell from LAS