Sharing Documents With Cybox


    1. Go to, Login using your Net ID and password.
    2. To place local files in Cybox, click Upload. Drag and drop files directly into the window.1-Upload
    3. To create a new folder or new documents in Cybox, select New Folder under the New drop down menu.2-New
    4. Enter your preferences in the Create New Folder window.3-New_Folder
    5. To move/edit/download files within a folder, go to that folder and click More. Select the desired option from the drop down menu.4-More
    6. To invite collaborators, click on Invite Collaborators on the right side of the folder/document in Cybox.5-Collaborators
    7. To share folders/documents, click on Share and set access permissions.6-File_Link

Access options:
Open – anyone can access the file /folder.
Collaborators – only collaborators can view,
Company – only those with iastate NetID can view.

Please email if you have further questions.