EdAssist Discount Identification Form


Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions and Iowa State University’s Colleges of Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences partner to offer a 10% discount on tuition and the technology fee on eligible online classes.

EdAssist Benefit Eligibility:

Students are eligible for the EdAssist Tuition Assistance award by meeting both below qualifications:

Apply For EdAssist Benefit

  1. Complete and submit the EdAssist Discount Form AFTER you have registered for classes. You must complete the EdAssist Discount Form every term.*
  2. Your form will be reviewed by ELO staff to verify your eligibility. ELO staff will review all submitted discount forms approximately two weeks before the semester begins.
  3. Your 10% discount will be calculated and provided to the Financial Aid Office at ISU.
  4. The ELO Office will send you a confirmation email to verify receipt of your form and the approved amount of the 10% discount.
  5. The Iowa State Financial Aid Office will apply the 10% discount. This will appear as a credit on your ubill and be labeled as an “award.”

*Discount forms will only be reviewed and are only eligible if submitted before or during the semester the discount is to be applied. No retroactive discounts will be considered.

Employer Reimbursement

If you receive tuition benefits from your employer, you may apply for the Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan. This delays any tuition payments due until the end of the term.

Contact Us

For any questions related to the EdAssist benefit program or online classes and programs in the Colleges of Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University, call 515-294-7470 or email elo@iastate.edu.

Discount Identification Form

The EdAssist discount is non retroactive. In order to receive EdAssist discount a student must complete the form by the deadline for each semester the student is registered for an Engineering-LAS Online course.