Fifty Years in Engineering Distance Education: Past Trends and Future Directions

Fifty years ago, the College of Engineering at Iowa State University began a never-ending journey to share the wealth of engineering knowledge with the people of Iowa and beyond. In doing so, the College charted new territory in what became known as Engineering Distance Education. It has continued to evolve and is known today as Engineering-LAS Online Learning.

Read (PDF) how these leaders and innovators took the courses and programs to where the action is—right to our professionals and aspiring professionals.

The Authors:

Lead, Dr. Ann D. Thompson, ISU University Professor Emeritus, School of Education.

Principal Investigator, Dr. Tom Brumm, former Professor-in-Charge, Engineering-LAS Online Learning.

Contributing Authors, Engineering-LAS Online Learning:

Paul Jewell, Director, Industry Relations and Events

Dr. Rema Nilakanta, Director, Design and Delivery

Hiroyuki Iino, Director, Professional Development Programs

Darshana Juvale, Instructional Development Coordinator