Instructor Profiles

Instructor Photo - Chester Dobrowski
Chester Dobrowski: Certified Instructor for MTM-1 Base, MTM-UAS, and MTM-1











Chester Dobrowski received his MBA from Roosevelt University. He received a BA in Secondary Education (Elmhurst College), and a Theory of Constraints Certificate (Washington State University). He was also a part of the Managment Development Program at the University of Chicago. He is currently the Vice President of the International MTM Directorate. He is responsible from an IMD perspective of the major updates to all of the manuals of the IMD Technical Platform. Chester has over 50 years of experience in the Industrial Engineering fields of work measurement, specializing in the training of Industrial Engineers in all of the MTM family of work measurement systems. Chester was a Chief Industrial Engineer for the Audio-Visual Division at Bell & Howell Company, a Director of Marketing and Training at the US/Canada MTM Association, a Senior Manager Work Measurement Integration for the C-17 Military Transport Aircraft at Boeing. He is a certified international instructor in the following MTM systems: MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK, 4M, MTM-Base, MTM-SD, MTM-Benchmark, MTM-V, MTM-C, MTM-TE, MTM-MOS, MTM-M, Principles of Standard, MTM-HC, ProKon – Design for Assembly, and EAWS – Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet. Chester is currently serving as the Treasurer for the MTM Productivity Services Corporation, and he previously served as President, Vice President – Technical Services, Vice President – Association Services, Vice President – Administration, and Membership Representative.

Instructor Photo- Edward Knigge
Edward “Ed” Knigge: Certified Instructor for MTM-1 Base, MTM-UAS, and MTM-1











Edward Knigge received a BS in Industrial Engineering from University of Wisconsin. He was a staff engineer for a telecommunications manufacturing company. Ed has evaluated and verified cost reduction proposals submitted to Technical Services organization management. His experience included method engineering, process engineering, workplace and departmental layout. Ed has 13 years of experience as a corporate industrial engineer and the MTM instructor for an international healthcare manufacturing company. He is a certified engineer as licensed MTM practitioner at corporate as well as multiple U.S. and foreign manufacturing locations and has generated and implemented productivity projects involving production line design, staffing models, and production line balancing. Ed has been employed for 30 years by the MTM Productivity Services Corporation. He is a certified MTM practitioner in the US and internationally. He served as Project Director and has provided consulting services for a wide range of manufacturing, service, and retail environments. As a member of the MTM Board of Directors,  he served as a General Director, on the Executive Board as Vice President of Administration, and later as Vice President of Technical Services.

Instructor Photo - Robert Pugh
Robert “Bob” Pugh: Certified Instructor for MTM-1 Base, MTM-UAS, and MTM-1











Robert “Bob” Pugh is a degreed Industrial Engineer (BSIE, Wichita University) with an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSME, Wichita State University).  As of February 2002, he is a retired Senior Industrial Engineer at Boeing, Wichita, Kansas. He now dedicates his time to continue training various Methods-Time Measurement Systems for the MTM Productivity Services Corporation. Bob began his career in Industrial Engineering working as a classical Industrial Engineer at Boeing Military Wichita. His career includes serving as the Senior Industrial Engineer for various manufacturers of durable goods such as microwave system development and installation, business jet aircraft and small construction equipment. Bob became a certified MTM Instructor in 1992. He is certified in five different MTM systems and a certified MTM Practitioner in two additional systems. He has taught several hundred students the skills necessary to successfully apply the MTM family of Systems. His work experience with the MTM Productivity Services Corporation includes serving on the Technical Services and Research committee, and as President and member of the MTM Productivity Services Corporation’s Board of Directors.

Instructor Photo - Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor: Certified Instructor for MTM-1 Base, MTM-UAS, and MTM-1










Simon Taylor is Chairman of the UKMTM Association, conducts regular training courses and provides support and consultancy services. He plays an active role in marketing MTM both home and abroad. He is a qualified International MTM Instructor and certified in all the MTM Technical Platforms. An IMS Qualified Industrial Engineer with 35 years’ experience in process improvements and consultancy services. Those who are interested in certification by the UKMTM Association, Simon will be your instructor.

Instructor Photo - Larry Vines
Larry Vines: Certified Instructor for MTM-1 Base, and MTM-UAS










Larry Vines has received a MBA (University of Toledo), a MAPS (University of St. Thomas), and a B.S.B. (University of Minnesota). He has over 45 years’ experience in the Industrial Engineering fields of work measurement, methods engineering, assembly station design, assembly line balancing and facility layouts. 30 years’ of experience in evaluation, implementation, and management of capital projects in large diversified manufacturing organizations. He also has 25 years’ experience in Lean, Continuous Improvement, and Industrial Engineering Consulting. 15 years’ experience leading Lean projects, developing staffing models and other Performance Improvement Projects in Healthcare. Larry is Six-Sigma Green Belt (certified by the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers). He is a certified practitioner and instructor in Micro-Matic Methods & Measurement (4M Systems), MTM-UAS, MTM Benchmark, MTM Base, UnivAtion Systems, and PCAM Systems, also a practitioner of MTM-1 and Business Pro Systems. Larry is a member of the MTM Association for Standards and Research, serving as the Vice President of Association Services. He has served previously on the Board of Directors as a General Director and on the Executive Board as President, Vice President of Technical Services, Vice President, Productivity Services, and as Vice President, Administration.  Larry also was a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers for 44 years.

Instructor Photo- Wojciech Waliszewski
Wojciech Waliszewski: Certified Instructor for MTM-1 Base, MTM-UAS, and MTM-1










Wojciech Waliszewski is an experienced professional in business processes improvements and management change. He has 10+ years on US and European market in consulting services including developing and setting the best standards for work standardization, processes optimizations, and cost reduction. He has successfully transferred several companies with a positive management change. He is certified in MTM methods Trainer and Practitioner who consistently support business clients by developing supreme methods and organization tools, implemented in many worldwide organizations. His specialties are productivity increase, production management and positive management change in multicultural organizations. Wojciech holds a masters degree in Engineering from Wroclaw Technical University and numerous Lean, MTM and Six Sigma Trainings.