MTM-UAS Certification

2023-02-01 Important Announcement
As of February 1, 2023, Iowa State University stop offering MTM Certification Training. MTM now offers Online Training Program. Please contact for more information. MTM Training Website is

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Registration Cost:

$1,500 USD Contact MTM E-Learning

Course Hours:

30–40 hours


MTM-1 Base or
MTM-1 Certification

Course Start Date:

Upon registration

Course Access Time:

60 days MTM Logo

Course Outcome:

  • 3.0 CEUs
  • MTM-UAS Certificate of Completion
  • Optional MTM-UAS BlueCard Certification


Course Description

Anyone involved in Industrial Engineering, Lean Activities, or those who have a demonstrated need to develop optimal work measurement standards and methods in a Batch Production Environment can take this online course to receive online training for MTM-UAS (Methods-Time Measurement Universal Analyzing System) Certification. Engineering-LAS Online Learning has partnered with MTM Association to adapt the five-day course into an online course to provide students with the tools necessary to take the MTM-UAS Certification exam, receive MTM- UAS Certificate of Completion and an optional BlueCard certification. This course discusses principles of MTM-UAS construction, time elements and simultaneous motions of MTM-UAS, and methods improvements in MTM-UAS. The certification will be issued by MTM Association for Standards and Research.

Course Benefits

Most courses offer a certificate of completion or CEU/PDH, but with the MTM-UAS course you get both. Take our MTM-UAS course and receive two major benefits upon completion

  • 3.0 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
  • MTM- UAS Certificate of Completion
  • Optional BlueCard certification in MTM-UAS


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to those that successfully complete the course. The participant that successfully completes the course will be eligible to apply for BlueCard® Certification; please contact the MTM office to receive a copy of requirements for this System.

Students can select which MTM Association they would like to receive a certificate from. When registering for the course there will be a selection box on the registration form that the student can select either MTM Association US/Canada or MTM Association UK whichever Association the student checks will be the one they will receive the certificate from.

Certificate of Completion/Optional BlueCard Certification

To learn more about the differences between the certificate of completion and the optional BlueCard certification or requirements for either of the certificates please go to the FAQs page.

Learning Outcomes

During this course, you will learn to:

  • Develop MTM-UAS based standard times
  • Assess production methods in terms of optimizing productivity
  • Utilize MTM-UAS to support the planning and designing of work methods and workstations
  • Discover design potential within the planning process
  • Create company specific standard data building blocks supporting the production process

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Principles of MTM-UAS Construction
  • Unit 3: Time Elements of MTM-UAS
  • Unit 4: Methods Improvement
  • Units 5-7: Auxiliary Practice Problems
  • Unit 8: UAS Standard Operations
  • Review Quizzes
  • Practice Examination
  • Certification Proctored Exam

Course Procedures

Course is delivered online through lecture videos and quizzes split into units by topic. Each unit is split into sections and each section includes presentation slides in PDF format, a lecture video and a quiz. To complete the course, you must take and pass the Certification Exam, which is administered by a proctor the Course Instructors have approved.

Each lecture video ranges from 5 minutes–30 minutes and varies by module and topic. You may complete each module at your own pace, but the course must be completed in 60 days to take the Certification Exam. Approximate time to complete course is 30–40 hours.

Course Materials

You will be provided with a copy of the presentation slides used in the lecture videos and an electronic copy of the MTM-UAS manual.


Each section includes a quiz ranging from 2–5 questions. The quizzes are not graded and will not affect your overall score in the course. The quizzes are meant to test your understanding of the unit material. After completing a quiz, you will see which questions were correct and incorrect and can take the quiz as many times as you need.

After completing the course units, you will take two review quizzes and a comprehensive Practice Examination.  These quizzes and Practice Examination are automatically scored and are meant to prepare you for the final exam.  Once you’ve achieved a passing score on the review quizzes and Practice Examination and feel you are ready, you can have the MTM-UAS Certification Proctored Exam sent to a proctor, who will proctor the certification exam for you. Upon passing the certification exam, you will receive a MTM-UAS Certificate of Completion in MTM-UAS.


We have a group of highly qualified instructors standing by ready to teach this course. You will be assigned one of these instructors after you have registered for this course. This instructor will grade your assignments and exams and are there to answer any questions about the course you might have, so do not be afraid to ask questions directly to your instructor throughout the duration of the course. To learn more about your indvidual instructor click here: Instructor Profiles

Contact Information

Contact or call 1-800-854-1675 for more information.