MTM Partnership History

In December 2011, the MTM Productivity Services Corporation, formally known as MTM Association Standards and Research in the U.S. and Canada approached the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) Department for a partnership opportunity with Iowa State University (ISU) to offer their MTM Certification Exam Courses online. MTM was looking for a way to develop a new mode of training in addition to in-person training being offered at the Chicago Headquarters.

The MTM Productivity Services Corporation recognized ISU’s long history of quality industrial engineering education. The IMSE Department had been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Predetermined Motion Time Study as a part of its curriculum for past several decades.

The MTM Productivity Services Corporation also recognized ISU’s successful online engineering graduate education programs for professional engineers worldwide. MTM selected ISU’s Engineering-LAS Online Learning (ELO) as an official online training provider for MTM Certification Courses.

In 2012, ELO began developing MTM-UAS’s online course as the first online course offered by ISU with Dirk Rauglas, a former Executive Director of the MTM Productivity Services Corporation, as an instructor. During the development of the online MTM-UAS course, ELO implemented online instructional design pedagogy to develop an online course that matches MTM’s quality face-to-face training.


In March 2014, the MTM-UAS online course was officially launched with Dirk Rauglas as the lead instructor. Soon after its successful online launch, MTM elected to develop MTM-1 Base as an online course as well.


In August 2015, ELO officially launched MTM-1 Base online course. With MTM-1 Base becoming a pre-requisite for MTM-UAS course, the MTM Productivity Services Corporation was able to offer MTM-UAS Certification as on online certification program.


In April 2016, MTM-1 Certification online course was launched through Iowa State University as their third online course from MTM to provide further flexibility to engineering professionals rather than attending a 10 day face-to-face course.


In July 2016, MTM UK Association has selected ISU as their official online training course provider with their instructor utilizing our courses to teach their clients in the UK and Asia.


By the end of 2016, MTM had seven instructors from both the U.S./Canada and the UK MTM Association teaching online MTM courses offered through ISU.


In 2017, MTM’s online training course enrollment has grown. Almost 50% of MTM’s current certification courses are now offered through online courses. Working professionals can see greater benefits of attending online courses that start anytime and anywhere rather than committing 5 or 10 days to a face-to-face course plus paying additional travel fees.


In December 2017, MTM and ELO has once again started redesigning MTM-UAS online course to meet the latest MTM requirements and improved the course after thoroughly reviewing students’ feedback. The new course is carefully designed by the instructional designers at ELO to develop activities and assessments that meet the International MTM Directorate as well as cover relevant and practical knowledge in order to teach professionals how to be better engineers.

In the future, MTM and ISU plan to develop more online MTM training courses as well as partner with other MTM Associations around the globe.