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MTM-1 Certificate

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I was one of the first to enroll in and complete the Engineering-LAS Online Learning MTM-1 Certification program with Iowa State University.  The program exceeded my expectations. The instructor was a highly-qualified subject matter expert who helped me thoroughly understand the material and achieve certification. As an individual with the responsibility of establishing work standards for a large multinational corporation, the training was instrumental for me in developing global work standards efficiently and effectively.

Dave P.
Sr. Industrial Engineer
General Motors Company

The MTM-1 Certification online course from Iowa State provided what I desired from the course: the understanding of MTM-1 fundamentals and certification in MTM-1. The material was presented in an easy to access and straightforward manner, and the instructors/aides responded promptly to my questions.

Domenick C.
Lead Manufacturing Engineer

MTM-1 Base

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Iowa State University’s MTM-1 Base course helped me to understand a more professional way to develop manufacturing processes. This course has benefited me because it gave my employer the security that I’m familiarized with the MTM concept. It has also benefited my company because as an assembly plant producing in sequence (JIS) we have to be sure that our capability is above the customer capacity, and this course helps me better understand some concepts to be able to do this more efficiently. Currently, I’m training to become a Lean Green Belt Instructor and I must improve one of our processes and I’ll do this by using MTM as evidence of the feasibility of the project. I think this course is a good start for any engineer or professional involved in manufacturing process improvement.

Victor T.
Industrialization Engineer
JIS Company

Relay Theory and Basic System Protection

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I had been an industrial electrician for 20 years and decided to take a new job on the utility side of electricity. Found this course online and took it as a fast learning crash course to help me get a good understanding of the basics of a lot of the substation components and relay theory. Very good material and study guide. I highly recommend it.

Don O.
Substation Relay Tech.
Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

MTM-UAS Certification

Through Iowa State University’s MTM-UAS course, I learned to assess the elements of doing industrial work in a standardized method accepted and understood in the industry. Now that I am certified to generate standard work documentation used in the manufacturing of automobiles, I can use these skills within my occupation, and I have more value in the marketplace and to my employer. The MTM-UAS standard work codes are something I will utilize within my workplace. These codes indicate areas for cost saving in that it is easier to spot such an area solely by seeing its code as a high cost code.  These codes can be assessed quickly for savings as a lower cost code without much time studying, so it’s a quick method to see cost saving opportunities.

Deni A.
Industrial Engineering Specialist
Volkswagen Group of America

Fundamental Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering

Iowa State University’s Fundamental Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering course was very informative. It was presented in a very holistic manner that fostered learning and understanding. The information I learned will be utilized within my occupation because I function within the estimating field, and participate in other projects where the material is usable. I intend to utilize the skills learned to help restructure and develop some policies and other guidelines for our estimating department. After this course, I am now able to join and appreciate the estimating and project management sides within a project, and utilize the appropriate terminologies for various aspects for each stage of a project. I intend on becoming certified as a cost professional which will in turn benefit my organization. This course has put me one step closer to my goal.

Jozanne R.
Estimating and Projects Engineer
Weldfab Limited

A well structured course that would form a good basis for AACE certifications and domain knowledge.

Shyam R.
Principle Pipeline Engineer
Worley Parsons

usRAP Data-Driven Safety Analysis and Planning

The course is fantastically designed and developed. The learning is made easy with simplicity of the content understanding. The learning enhanced my level of technical expertise on safety audits.

Harpreet Singh D.
Founder President
Avoid Accident

I found the us-RAP data coding course very useful to get more familiar with iRAP Road Safety Assessment method. Lots of examples helped me to be able to differentiate between similar choices you may select when assessing a real road and after taking this course I’m more confident about select a road attribute including the type of roadside land-use, pavement condition, etc. I’ve used iRAP and RSA methods to assess the safety of roads but I think iRAP is better because after passing courses like this one road engineers are able to assess a road leading to more reliable results. RSA needs highly experienced experts to make sure the assessment results are reliable based on reviewed checklists. Data-driven safety Analysis course is an amazing one that put stress on the importance of evidence-based interventions and mentions the characteristics of high-quality data needed for high-quality analysis to achieve desired goals.

Ali Z.
Road Safety Pioneers NGO

I did the course on usRAP Data driven safety analysis and planning as I am actively searching on online courses which are helpful in professional development and I can actually use that knowledge. I found this course interesting because of its proactive nature and use of ViDA software which proactively suggest what should be done to reduce accident and hence fatalities by the use of photographs and maps. We are in the phase of constructing roads (!) hence some way behind making them safer but this course has given me insights into how to make our completed roads more safer if related organization seek professional ideas about doing something

Bidur Timalsina

usRAP Data Coding: A Complete Course on Data Preparation

I have been involved in road safety for more than 20 years, working all around the world. The most common, documented, trust-worthy method is iRAP. I’m an experienced iRAP accredited supplier for the last 10 years. I have to admit that the course I participated at (usRAP Data Coding: A Complete Course on Data Preparation) was the best I’ve participated so far. It is a fact that if you are dealing with similar issues for many years, after a point you consider everything trivial and you perform your tasks mechanically. After participating at the specific course, it came to me that various aspects of coding and road elements didn’t get my proper attention. I consider myself a more solid pillar of road safety after completing the course. I encourage anyone who needs a RAP basic tutoring or just refreshing to take this course. My company lately has benefited the most from my knowledge upgrade.

Stelios E.
Project Manager
Transportation Solutions, LLP

Iowa State University’s usRAP Data Coding: A complete Course on Data Preparation helped me to grow professionally. This topic is relatively new in my country Nepal, and knowledge in the field is of great help. I found the course purely practical and relatable in our context. Not only I will recommend this course to my colleagues but will also share the knowledge acquired from this course within my organization. Thank you Iowa State University

Hemant T.
Chairman/ Transport Engineer
Safe & Sustainable Travel Nepal (SSTN)

Hello. I am satisfied with the learning, it has helped me to make a more detailed coding, which translates into a grain of sand to create safer roads.

Carlos Alberto F.
Transit Analyst

This course gives you a complete idea on Road Assessment. Every aspect is explained in detail and an understandable manner. This is useful for a beginner as well as for an experienced professional.

Bharath Kotaru
University of Auckland