Why Should My Employer Pay?

Why should my employer pay for my course registration fee?

You may understand the advantages of continuing your education, but your employer may not. To effectively justify the benefits of taking a course, you may need to explain to your employer what you will learn and how it will help both yourself and their company grow.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Focus on how specifics materials learned in the course that will give them a return on their investment in your education.
  2. Be ready to answer questions about long and short-term benefits to them or about the potential financial payoff.
  3. Try to think of a way to connect what you will learn in the course to meet a current or future challenge or need in their company
  4. Explain that due to the nature of the flexible online course set-up, it would not have to interfere with any of your daily work. In addition, it would save travel expenses and lost time away from work.