Proctoring Instructions (Quick Guide)

ELO provides a testing and proctoring system for online students. Complete information is provided here about the testing center. This is only a quick guide to get you started.

1. Inform online students that a proctor is required at the beginning of the class session. Provide them with Proctoring/Testing Center Information.

2. Add your course to the testing and proctoring system: at the start of the semester.

Important: Be sure to select the Allow Off-Campus Students check box.

3. (Optional, ONLY if you have taught the course before and used proctored services previously)

  1. Choose the course you want to copy forward.
  2. On the Courses: Viewing page, choose Copy to Future Semester.
  3. Select the term/session you want to copy to and click submit.

Note: Your online students will then be able to select the course once they have identified a proctor from here

4. As proctors are added to the system by students, the ELO Testing Center will attempt to assess proctor qualifications. If proctors are not approved, the ELO Testing Center will send an e-mail to you and the proctor explaining the reason. Students are responsible for follow-up.

5. On the Wednesday prior to the exam week, add your exam by selecting your course from Courses and select the Add Assessment link in the testing system.Instructions for filling out the exam details are explained here under the “Exams” section.

Important: If you create an assessment after the Wednesday prior to the week the exam is released, you will need a release code. Release codes are not generated automatically but serve to alert testing center staff of changes made to assessments.

6. Following the exam, instructors can download and print completed exams directly from the proctoring and testing system.

Please note the following:

  • ELO will scan and email graded exams back to students
  • Graded exams will then be placed in the instructor’s mailbox
  • ELO does not keep past exams and homework; we suggest keeping students graded work for at least one following semester
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