Student Presentations with Discussion Boards

  1. To create a discussion forum for student presentations, go to the Discussion Board and click Create Forum. Name your Forum (e.g. Student Presentations) and add a description (if needed). Detailed instructions about how to create a discussion forum are available here: Creating Discussion Boards 
  2. Once you have created your discussion forum, your students will be able to see it under Discussion Board.01_Forums


  3. When you click Student Presentations, the discussion forum will list nothing else but the following screen.02_Presentations


  4. To create a thread where your students can post their videos, click Create Thread, which will take you the Create Thread page.03_Create_Thread


  5. Provide a Subject for your thread and add the instructions for your students.04_Subject_Instructions
  6. When you submit your thread, it will be available under Student Presentations.05_New_Thread
  7. After you have created the thread for presentations, students can post their video presentations and view and comment on their peers’ video presentations and through the discussion posts.06_Student_Posts