Live Student Presentations

For synchronous presentation requirements:

    • If you will require (online) students to attend class meetings, the synchronous requirement must be added to the Schedule of Classes when the course is added to the registrar’s course listing
    • For one-time events, keep in mind that online students may not be able to join at the time of class. Provide advance notice and additional time slot options for best results.
    • Unless the class is defined as synchronous in the course description, students cannot be required to attend live on a recurring/regular basis.

For best results with live (classroom) presentations via WebEx:

    • Share specific dates and details of the event with ELO and your student producer.
    • Have online students (or) guest presenters contact to do a test run at least 2 days prior to presentation.
    • Be sure to share best practices with online students

Alternatives to live presentations

    • Post pre-recorded student presentation videos to a discussion board or through a Canvas assignment
    • Have students upload presentations to a Cybox folder
    • You can also play student presentations during the class meeting time (contact in advance)

For ALL Presentations, students can create content using

    • Canvas Studio
    • Zoom
    • PPT with Voiceover
    • VoiceThread (licensing cost involved – does not integrate directly with Canvas currently)
    • Any video format and upload to Cybox

Contact ELO for more information. Many other options are available!