Live Student Presentations

For synchronous presentation requirements:

    • If you will require (online) students to attend class meetings, the synchronous requirement must be added to the Schedule of Classes when the course is added to the registrar’s course listing
    • For one-time events, keep in mind that online students may not be able to join at the time of class. Provide advance notice and additional time slot options for best results.
    • Unless the class is defined as synchronous in the course description, students cannot be required to attend live on a recurring/regular basis.

For best results with live (classroom) presentations via WebEx:

    • Share specific dates and details of the event with ELO and your student producer.
    • Have online students (or) guest presenters contact to do a test run at least 2 days prior to presentation.
    • Be sure to share best practices with online students

Alternatives to live presentations

    • Post pre-recorded student presentation videos to a discussion board or through a Canvas assignment
    • Have students upload presentations to a Cybox folder
    • You can also play student presentations during the class meeting time (contact in advance)

For ALL Presentations, students can create content using

    • Canvas Studio
    • Zoom
    • PPT with Voiceover
    • VoiceThread (licensing cost involved – does not integrate directly with Canvas currently)
    • Any video format and upload to Cybox

Contact ELO for more information. Many other options are available!

A great option for instructors to add video discussion topics.
User FriendlyCopy/paste a link to your Grid in Canvas
Free for all educators.
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Company's website
A useful tool to store and share your documents with all of your classes and colleagues. You create folders and decide how to share them.
Canvas integration through embeddingEasily used across devices
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Allows for threaded, asynchronous communication between students and instructors. Great option for instructors who want to encourage more in depth online discussions.
AL-Supported Online Discussion Platform
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Where to get help
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