Student Presentations

  1. For synchronous presentation requirements:
    • If you will require (online) students to attend event/s, the synchronous requirement must be added to the Schedule of Classes.
    • For one-time events, keep in mind that online students may not be able to join at the time of class. Provide advance notice and additional time slot options for best results.
    • Unless the class is defined as synchronous in the course description, students cannot be required to attend live on a recurring/regular basis.
  2. For best results with live (classroom) presentations via WebEx:
    • Share specific dates and details of the event with ELO and your student producer.
    • Have online students (or) guest presenters contact elotech to do a “test run” at least 2 days prior to presentation.
    • To save in-class time, consider using an alternate presentation method. For example, students can create stand-alone video presentations and upload/link the content to Canvas.
  3. (Alternative) For best results with asynchronous presentations:
    • Use Canvas discussion boards for students to post their pre-recorded videos.
    • You may want to require students to post replies to encourage discussion about the presentation topics.
    • Using Discussion Boards for Student Presentations
    • (Optional) You can play student presentations during the class meeting time.

For ALL Presentations, students can create content using:

  • PowerPoint with voice-over
  • Zoom recording
  • YouTube
  • Prezi

Student presentation with db here (Blackboard example but still useful)

Contact ELO for more information.