Guidelines for a Course Welcome Video


The purpose of the welcome video is to welcome learners to the course. Here are the recommended points to be included in the welcome video:

  1. Include a warm, welcoming message to the learners.
  2. Introduce yourself as the instructor of the course. Consider including your title and field of expertise.
  3. Describe how the course is organized and designed and how it will be delivered to the learners.
  4. Explain briefly the course learning outcomes and objectives.
  5. Briefly describe your expectations from learners’ participation.
  6. Briefly describe the special instructions, if any, for assessments (i.e., testing center information).
  7. Mention the main communication medium between you and your learners, as well as among learners.

Sample Text:


Hello and welcome to …

Tell us about yourself

My name is … I am a professor of …

Introduce the course

Mention the course number and name.

I will be your instructor for …

What will this course cover?

Brief description of your course.

This course is an introduction to/will cover …

What are the benefits of taking this course online?

Provide reasons for why learners should take this course online.

What can learners expect to walk away from this course with?

Briefly describe the learning outcomes for the course. What are the main goals that the course is trying to achieve from a learner’s point of view?