Guidelines for a Promotional Video

This video is intended to go on a splash page for promotional purposes.

A different video with detailed topics/structure would be recorded later will go into Canvas.

Feel free to prepare a brief script. If we are recording outside, you can have the points in your tablet.

Things to include (and not restricted to)

  1. Your introductionsName,
    1. Designations,
    2. Area of specialization,
    3. your interests both academic and otherwise
    4. Why/How this course is important for students
  2. Any pre-requisites
  3. Encouraging/welcoming students to join the class
  4. Contact information


  1. Maximum – 1 minute
  2. Eye contact with the Camera
  3. Use of physical gestures/hand movements
  4. Enthused manner of speech
  5. Practice before the shoot!!