QM Checklist

Introduction to the Course and Navigation

  • Do you have a “Start Here” on your Canvas page?
  • Do students know where to look for updates and communication about the course?
  • Have you provided students with contact information to ask questions?
  • Have you posted a syllabus with clear learning objectives and organized structure, and a calendar of important dates?
  • Have you posted your own self-introduction and encourage all your students to introduce themselves in the first week?
  • Do students know where to look for their grades and the nature of the feedback you will be providing?
  • All the minimum technical requirements and skills expected have been outlined clearly?

Course Structure and Organization

  •  Has your course content (including units, learning modules, weeks, chapters, challenges, etc.) been updated and organized logically with a clear structure, and aligned with learning objectives?
  • Can students easily figure out where to go next? Content is logical/contiguous and navigation is intuitive.
  • Are all item names written clearly and terms used consistently? (For example, qz1 may mean nothing to students, but Thermodynamics Quiz 1 is clear.)

Course Activities

  •  Can students easily locate course activities, experiences and assessments?
  • Universal entry points of access for learning activities and assessments
  • Is the relationship between objectives and experiences/activities/assessments clearly noted in item descriptions?


  •  Are there descriptive and detailed criteria provided to evaluate students’ assignments or projects?
  • Are all the assessment tools well selected and appropriate for measuring learning outcome?


  •  Do your learning activities allow sufficient opportunities for students to interact with the content, their peers, and instructor/TA?
  • Do you have clear expectations for students’ interaction? Is it apparent from the menu?
  • Do the menu items clearly denote individual work versus group class work?

 Resources Referenced Throughout the Course

  •  Is it clear where students should go to access different course resources (g. software, books, links, Parks Library Reserve etc.)? Are clear instructions provided to use those resources?
  • Have you posted links with clear description of the technical support offered or how to access to it?
A great option for instructors to add video discussion topics.
User FriendlyCopy/paste a link to your Grid in Canvas
Free for all educators.
Where to get help
Company's website
A useful tool to store and share your documents with all of your classes and colleagues. You create folders and decide how to share them.
Canvas integration through embeddingEasily used across devices
Free available to all ISU faculty
Where to get help
Allows for threaded, asynchronous communication between students and instructors. Great option for instructors who want to encourage more in depth online discussions.
AL-Supported Online Discussion Platform
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Where to get help
Company Website