QM Checklist

Introduction to the Course and Navigation

  • Do you have a “Start Here” on your Canvas page?
  • Do students know where to look for updates and communication about the course?
  • Have you provided students with contact information to ask questions?
  • Have you posted a syllabus with clear learning objectives and organized structure, and a calendar of important dates?
  • Have you posted your own self-introduction and encourage all your students to introduce themselves in the first week?
  • Do students know where to look for their grades and the nature of the feedback you will be providing?
  • All the minimum technical requirements and skills expected have been outlined clearly?

Course Structure and Organization

  •  Has your course content (including units, learning modules, weeks, chapters, challenges, etc.) been updated and organized logically with a clear structure, and aligned with learning objectives?
  • Can students easily figure out where to go next? Content is logical/contiguous and navigation is intuitive.
  • Are all item names written clearly and terms used consistently? (For example, qz1 may mean nothing to students, but Thermodynamics Quiz 1 is clear.)

Course Activities

  •  Can students easily locate course activities, experiences and assessments?
  • Universal entry points of access for learning activities and assessments
  • Is the relationship between objectives and experiences/activities/assessments clearly noted in item descriptions?


  •  Are there descriptive and detailed criteria provided to evaluate students’ assignments or projects?
  • Are all the assessment tools well selected and appropriate for measuring learning outcome?


  •  Do your learning activities allow sufficient opportunities for students to interact with the content, their peers, and instructor/TA?
  • Do you have clear expectations for students’ interaction? Is it apparent from the menu?
  • Do the menu items clearly denote individual work versus group class work?

 Resources Referenced Throughout the Course

  •  Is it clear where students should go to access different course resources (g. software, books, links, Parks Library Reserve etc.)? Are clear instructions provided to use those resources?
  • Have you posted links with clear description of the technical support offered or how to access to it?