Transcribing audio or a video of instructional lectures, videos and presentations can be a tedious process. Transcription apps are better at producing automated edited text, but none yet promise 100% accuracy. With online learning stretching around the globe, our diversity of cultures and varying accents take center stage and need to be taken into consideration in transcription software. Ensuring that your online text is universally designed and accessible includes selecting the best transcribing software. The voice-transcription software listed on this page are most common to the Iowa State community. An online search may help you locate other competing products.

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Camtasia is used to record your computer screen, audio, webcam, and narrate existing PowerPoint or PDF presentations.  In Camtasia you have the ability to add closed captions or transcriptions to your videos.




Dragon is a speech recognition software package that allows speech to text.





Vimeo allows you to upload videos and pay for a service to add captions.  You can then embed your video in Canvas.





YouTube allows you to upload videos and add captions to them either yourself or through the free sevice.  You can then embed your video in Canvas.