Creating and Sharing VoiceThreads

A VoiceThread can be created via and then shared via Canvas.



Step 1: Login to VoiceThread.

voice thread 1

Step 2: Click on the Create button to begin a new VoiceThread.

voice thread 2

voice thread 3

Option 1: Recording your VoiceThread by using your computer’s webcam

Click on the Webcam Video option to start recording your video journal entry. Whenever you click Webcam Video, VoiceThread will automatically start recording your audio and video. Some browsers may ask you to allow VoiceThread to start recording.

Option 2: Uploading your video from your computer

If you recorded your entry by using any other device (i.e., your phone, tablet, camera, etc.) and saved it to your computer, you may upload that particular video by clicking on the My Computer option. Depending on the size, length, and the quality of your existing video, VoiceThread may take some time to render your video – this is normal.

Step 3: Once finished creating, give the VoiceThread a Title, Description, and optional Tags.

voice thread 4

Step 4: Click the Share button to copy the link to the VoiceThread. Check the Allow Anyone to View and Comment options before copying the link.

voice thread 5

If you went back to Home page after creating/recording your VoiceThread, don’t panic, you can still retrieve the link. In this case you have two options:

voice thread 6

Option 1: Hover over the VoiceThread

If your homepage displays your VoiceThreads as thumbnails, bring your mouse over the VoiceThread. You will see that an arrow will appear on the VoiceThread. Click on it to retrieve the link. Do not forget to allow anyone to view and comment options are checked before copying the link. If the homepage displays your VoiceThreads in a list format, again, hover over the VoiceThread to display share option.

Option 2: Click on the VoiceThread

Click on the VoiceThread as if you would like to watch it. Once it starts playing and/or it is displayed on the screen, look for the title of the VoiceThread in the upper left corner on the screen and click on it. Choose the Share option from the drop down menu to retrieve the link. Do not forget to allow anyone to view and comment options are checked before copying the link.

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