Presenting with WebEx

WebEx can be used for live presentations in class. Continue below to get started using the tool.



Step 1: Navigate to the WebEx link listed below.

URL to Iowa State WebEx

presenting with webex 1

Note: If this is your first time accessing Web-Ex, you may need to download a WebEx Add-on. Click to download the file.

presenting with webex 2

Open the downloaded file and click to run the file.
presenting with webex 3

Allow WebEx to run in your browser as shown below.

presenting with webex 4

Step 2: Enter Your Name. Click Join Now. The live class meeting will appear on your screen.

presenting with webex 5

presenting with webex 6

Step 3: Click Yes to hear audio for the class.

presenting with webex 7

You can set your speaker Volume in the dialog box below.

presenting with webex 8


Instructor Options

Step 1: Click the green bar to expand the menu.

presenting with webex 9

From there, you can access several additional options.

presenting with webex 10

Step 2: Select Participants to view the attendees.

presenting with webex 11

Step 3: Click Chat to speak with participants in WebEx.

presenting with webex 12

Note: The Chat dialog box will appear on your screen.

presenting with webex 13

Step 4: In Send To, choose your message recipients.

presenting with webex 14

Attendees can get the attention of the presenter by selecting the hand icon shown below.

presenting with webex 15

Step 5: If you are the presenter (made by the Student Producer), you can select the webcam to share video.

presenting with webex 16

Step 9: Click to share your desktop.
presenting with webex 17

Unmute the mic before speaking.
presenting with webex 18

Note: You may want to do an audio test before start of your presentation.

presenting with webex 19

Close the session at the end of class.


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