Exporting Your Lecture Recordings (Mac)

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After recording his lecture video and saving it under the folder he created for his course, John wanted to export his lecture video as a standalone MP4 file so that he would be able to share it with his students. In doing so, he followed the steps presented below and wanted to share them with you to help you export your lecture recording as a single MP4 video file.


  • To start the Production Wizard, click the Share menu in the top bar and select Export.
    exporting camtasia mac 1
  • You will be asked to select a production name and the folder where you want to save your video. Give a name to your video file and locate the folder where you saved your recording file and project file.
    exporting camtasia mac 2
  • When you click Export, the rendering process for your video will start.
    exporting camtasia mac 3
  • When your video is rendered, it will appear in your folder.
    exporting camtasia mac 4