Record Your Lecture Videos

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When John was happy with his file structure and prepared all of the materials he intended to use for his lecture video, he proceeded to record his lecture videos. Follow the steps John used to record his lecture videos.

Starting Camtasia Studio 8

  • Before you start recording, open your presentation file (either in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF Annotator).
  • To start Camtasia Studio 8, click the camtasia image macicon on the desktop.
  • When launched, Camtasia Studio opens into the Editor, as shown below.
    recording lecture windows1

Recording your screen

  • To start recording your screen, click the recording lecture windows2button located near the top- left corner of the Editor. NOTE: the recording has not yet begun.
  • Camtasia Studio will minimize to the task bar and the Recorder will open.
    recording lecture windows3
  • By default, the Recorder will be set to record the full screen and a green dashed line will be visible along the outside border of your screen. This line indicates that everything on your screen inside this area will be recorded.
    recording lecture windows4
  • From the Recorded inputs menu, make sure your audio is turned on. If you are using the webcam, make sure it is turned on as well.
    recording lecture windows5
  • When you are ready to start, click the recording lecture windows6button, or use the hotkey F9.
  • The countdown begins for recording; after 1, recording starts. Camtasia records the screen (graphics, video, and/or audio) and your narration, if applicable.
  • When you are done recording, press the hotkey F10, or click the REC button to stop the recording.
  • A preview of the recording will appear.
    recording lecture windows7

Saving your recording

  • After you stop recording, the Preview window will appear to check your recording before actually saving it.
  • Once you have reviewed your recording and are happy with it, click the recording lecture windows8 button.
  • Navigate to the specific folder you created to save your recordings (e.g., the Recordings folder in ECON 101). Organize the Recordings folder into subfolders. If you are using modules in your course, you may have several modules in the course and each module may include multiple weeks. Also, within each module you may have several lecture videos. Thus, creating a Modules > Weeks > Lectures structure in your folders is recommended.
  • Give your recording a name that is meaningful to you and easy to recognize. If you are recording the first lecture for the first week of the first module, a name like M1W1L1 would be appropriate. Then click Save.
    recording lecture windows9
  • You will see the raw screen capture of your lecture you’ve just recorded in the folder.
    recording lecture windows10
  • Once you’ve saved your recording, it will automatically open up in the Camtasia Studio Editor. Opening your recording in Camtasia Studio allows you to edit it.
  • The recording you’ve just saved will be added to the Clip Bin and Timeline.
    recording lecture windows11
  • Before editing your recording, you will need to save your project. To save the project, go to the File menu and click Save project. You can also use the Ctrl + S shortcut.
    recording lecture windows12
  • You will be prompted to locate the file destination where you want to save your project. Make sure you save your project file in the same folder as the recording file you’ve saved earlier. Give your project file the same file name as the recording file (e.g., M1W1L1).
    recording lecture windows13
  • The first time you save a project, you’ll be prompted with a message reminding you that in order to share your video with someone, you’ll need to produce it into a shareable format. This will be covered in the next section. For now, click OK.
    recording lecture windows14
  •  The Camtasia Studio project file will appear in your folder.  The Camtasia Studio project file is what you’ll open when you want to continue working on your project.
    recording lecture windows15
  • The Camtasia Studio project file is what you’ll open when you want to continue working on your project. It is the file that you can edit and export as a video file, which is covered in the next section.


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