Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements:

Click on the links below to access the basic computer requirements for accessing Canvas, Echo 360, and WebEx.


Echo 360


For the best online learning experience you will need:

  • User privileges to install software (for required software installations)
  • Unrestricted Broadband Internet Connection
  • Latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox are recommended.
  • Current Adobe Flash and Java installed
  • For courses that utilize online meetings or live distance presentations with audio and video participation:
    • Computer with microphone and webcam (headphones with microphone recommended)
    • A hardwired Broadband Internet Connection (Highly Recommended)
Viewing Canvas on Mobile Devices:

Mobile Browsers

You can access Canvas from any browser on your Android/iOS device. However, mobile browsers are not supported, and features may not function as expected compared to viewing Canvas in a fully supported desktop browser.

Mobile Applications

You can access Canvas through a mobile student app.  Features for the app can be found at Canvas Student Mobile Features.

Android devices can access through Google Play.

iOS devices can access through the App Store.

Having Trouble Viewing Videos or Notes?

It is important that you have administrative privileges on the computer that you are using. Even if you were able to view lecture videos in previous semesters using a work, military, or other outside computer, due to updates on those networks, you may no longer be able to view new content.  You may need permissions to update the following:

Adobe Flash Player: Echo360 requires that Adobe Flash Player is updated as needed.

Enabling cookies: WebEx (Live streaming videos ) and Cybox (Annotated Notes posted to Canvas) require cookies to be enabled.

Java updates: Regular Java updates are required for Canvas and WebEx (live streaming).

WebEx installation: If you are joining class live at the time of class for a web conference, there is an initial file installation (.exe or .dmg) requiring administrative permissions

Latest versions of web browsers may block some content, like videos, in Canvas Learn. If videos fail to display go to:

  • Safari users must go to Preferences, Security, and un-check the Block pop-up windows box.
  • Internet Explorer and Edge users must click Always Allow when asked to allow pop-ups for the page.
  • Chrome users must click the shield icon at the far right side of the Navigation Toolbar and select Load Insecure Content or Load Unsafe Script.
  • Firefox users must click the shield icon at the far left side of the Navigation Toolbar and select Load Insecure Content or Load Unsafe Script.

If you are viewing content from a place of employment or business make sure that web filters are not blocking any content.