Self Checklist

Please make sure that you have fulfilled all of the 6 points below in order to assure successful and trouble free online experience:

1. Have I registered for my courses?
If you have not registered for a course, please use our online registration page.

2. Do I have my ISU Card Number?
You should receive an email confirmation of you registration that contains your ISU Card Number. If you have not please contact us

3. Do I have my Net-ID?
Please follow the instructions in your introductory email or on the instructions on the Net ID Help Page.

4. Do I know my Net ID and password for logging into my Canvas account?
This user name and password are the same as your Net ID and password. If you have lost this contact the ISU Solutions center at 515.294.4000 during business hours listed on their website.

5. Does my computer and internet connection meet the minimum requirements for an ELO course?
Visit our Computer Requirements page to check the minimum system requirements.

6. Do I have my proctor identified?
Please visit the Need a Proctor Page? of the Online Testing Center for more information on locating a proctor and filling out the necessary forms.