• Assignment 1: Consulting Proposal = 40%
  • Assignment 2: Grant Proposal (team) = 25%
  • Assignment 3a (Grant Proposal presented orally) and Assignment 3b (Recommendation Report) = 25% 
  • Reading Checks/Posts (individual) = 10%

N.B. An assigned grade has little to do with the process—that is, with the effort expended; it has almost everything to do with the quality of the product.

Class Participation
In this class, much like a professional context, you will do some of the work in collaboration with your peers and in the time provided for team meetings online, thus it can be difficult or impossible to make up missed work. When working in collaboration with your classmates, a lack of participation will lead to bad blood among your peers and, often, a poor end result for the whole team.

The absence policy that will be observed in this class is as follows:
Don’t miss more than one team meeting (online). You should contact me by e-mail prior to missing your mandatory team meeting. If your absence will affect your Colleagues, you should notify them as well. More than two missed team meetings will result in your final grade being lowered a letter grade.

Each week will be clearly outlined in the course schedule on the course website, so check there regularly so that you are prepared for class that week.

Late Work
Late work is not accepted (or acceptable). For example:

  • If a preliminary draft of Assignment 1 is not submitted on time, it will not be read.
  • If final drafts of Assignments 1 and 2 are not submitted on time, they will receive a failing grade.